Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You Plus Me: New Zowie Track 'My Calcultor'


There's not much math involved if you want to know what makes Zowie a hot little pop number. Just take one petite pixie-kiwi, add in a bunch of upbeat, kick-ass electro pop, and multiply!

Case in point? The New Zealand cutie's just-dropped geeky electro-pop jam, and latest single, "My Calculator" is chock full of zippy synths, blippy beats, and a heaping dose of Zowie's signature quirk and 'tude. There's also a hint of shiny 80's new-wave in there, as well as a pinch of dance-punk, with a hyper nervous energy and electro-spazzy confidence that only Zowie can deliver.

Check it out:

Visit Zowie online here.

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