Monday, January 31, 2011

Day Dreaming: An Interview With Kid Sister


Last week I was able to catch electronic hip-hop princess Kid Sister on the phone for a quick interview. The sassy artist, who is currently in the midst of promoting her new mix-tape and gearing up for a tour, opened up about her sense of fashion, her take on the state of the music industry, and how the new 'Kiss Kiss Kiss' EP came out. Check it out below:

E: Hi, this is Erica with Electrocutie Music Blog. Nice to meet you!

KS: Nice to meet you, too!

E: Where am I catching you right now?

KS: I’m in Los Angeles.

E: LA? Very cool. Okay, so I have to ask this burning question. What are you rockin’ on your nails right now?

KS: Actually they’re a little plain! I haven’t gotten the designs on them yet, but I’m actually working on that today. They’re going to have, like, a thousand rhinestones.

E: Nice! Everyone just loves your nails.

KS: Thank you!

E: So where do you get your style inspiration from? You have such a unique sense of fashion.

KS: Well, I think it just depends on what kind of look I’m going for that day, you know what I mean? It changes a lot. For the most part, I like to refer back to eras and not look like, you know, a complete costume. I just kind of reference a look rather than looking like a… Halloween store. [Laughs.]

E: Right!

KS: Basically, I’ll do a denim jacket and an old T-shirt with weird leggings, and look kinda like… “white-trash-90’s” or something. But not completely… like, I won’t have dirty hair. [Laughs.] It’s just a fun reference, you know?


E: I love it. I especially like the 80’s and 90’s throwbacks in there. So moving on, how has living in Chi-town influenced your style of music?

KS: Um, house is really big here in Chicago so growing up with that type of music steered me in that direction… you know, into the electronic realm, so definitely living there made an impact on me.

E: You also have a really beautiful multi-racial background. Has that influenced you at all as an artist?

KS: Thank you very much! Yeah, of course. Today I can talk to you and sound like I have some sense and then I can talk on another day and sound like, you know… I might snap on ya and let’cha know about yo’self!

E: [Laughs.]

KS: And also it probably has more to do with background. That’s probably where I find the most contrast in my family. Some of ‘em got money and some of ‘em don’t, and on both sides it’s the same story, so that definitely has a lot to do with it.

E: I think that’s so cool. Like, you can really speak to a lot of different people, which I think as a musical artist is a really good thing.

KS: Thanks, I think so too.

E: So tell me how the new ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’ mix-tape came about - which is amazing by the way.

KS: Thank you! I’m glad you like it. I just started working with Nick (Catchdubs) on some vocals and we just decided to do a mix-tape. We’ve been planning on doing one for years and we always kept coming back to the idea. We’ve been working on the album, working on different features and things, and finally we decided to get it done because we had a couple months where I could be in the studio. Yeah, I took some time off to sit down and record things and I was certainly pleased with how it came out. And I’m glad you like it, too!

Read the rest of our interview after the jump, below!

E: Well, it’s full of smash hits. Every song is so hot and the mixing is seamless. Which brings me to another question: It’s so good, why did you choose to release it for free?

KS: Because free things are awesome! I mean, a lot of it was from other people’s albums, some of it was promo, and so we couldn’t really sell it… so we might as well release it for free! And it’s kind of like, what’s the point of selling music anymore? Who even has a CD player anymore? I don’t even know anyone who does…

And yeah, there’s online sales but with sites like Limewire, and free torrents and shit… It’s like, who’s gonna pay for music if you can get it for free? That’s stupid. That’s not how any of us make our money, even the most successful artists. Taylor Swift had the number one album last week and it sold like 500,000 copies or something - maybe not even that many. I think it was a lot lower, but even that made such big news. But anyway, the point is that we make our money other ways, so it’s not even a big deal to release something for free.

E: Okay, well, we totally appreciate that anyway. Are you currently working on your sophomore album right now, or are you thinking about that yet?

KS: Um, yeah! We’re working on another project right now so stay tuned! Things are getting’ crazy!

E: Do you think you’ll have something out by 2011?

KS: Um, probably, yeah! Sure!

E: And are you going out on tour any time soon?

KS: Yeah, in April with A-Trak! And then we’re going back to Europe, and in June we’re putting something together, but I’m not sure yet. [Yawns.]

E: Aw, you sound so tired. I’m sorry!

KS: No, no, no! It’s okay. We’re were up late practicing. [Laughs.]

E: I wanted to ask, are you filming or planning to film any new videos to support ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss?’

KS: That is, um… I cannot comment on that right now. [Laughs.] But I would say stay tuned, that’s all I’ll say!

E: Fair enough! Well, we certainly hope so, anyway. Speaking of music videos, you recently worked with Fafi on “Do! Do! Do!” with Carte Blanche. I love her so I have to ask, how did that collaboration come about, did you enjoy it, and how did you like becoming a fafinette?

KS: That was pretty cool! I don’t think anyone else has done like… has modeled for her. I think she draws those little characters for herself from her head. So to be one of them was really cool. It was an honor, first of all. But she’s a friend of mine so it was so sweet of her. And I was so excited about it!


It was definitely a really fun process. You know, when it’s your friend, it’s always easier, you know what I mean? They can always just tell you what they want to tell you, and you can say whatever you want to them, so it’s really, like, laid back. And afterwards we went out and got crazy! So basically, yeah, it was pretty awesome. And we shot it in Paris, which was cool.

E: Amazing. So what’s in store for Kid Sister in the upcoming months?

KS: Well, I think… You know, I have these tours planned and we’re working on a project and, yeah, it’s just kind of on to the next cycle! And I think it’s going to be a really exciting tour… And I’ll see you there soon - make sure. Put some lipstick on your lips for the ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss!’ [Laughs.]

E: [Laughs.] I will, I promise. Anything you’d like to say to your fans before we sign off?

KS: “Why ask why? Try ‘Bud’ Dry!”

E: [Laughs.] I love it! So cute. Thank you so much for chatting with me today.

KS: Aw, no problem. Bye, girl!

E: Bye!

Thank you so much to Kid Sister, her management, and Siena at Biz3 for arranging the interview. Visit Kid Sister on Facebook here and stay tuned for more information regarding her upcoming tour and projects!

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