Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Under The Light Of The Moon: New Parallels Single


Canadian synth-wave band Parallels today debuted the leading single off their forthcoming second album 'XXI,' the follow up to 2010's excellent 'Visionaries.' The track, entitled "Moonlight Desires," is an ethereal, airy synth-pop track reminiscent of early 80's romantic new-wave.


With wistful synths and smooth, honeypot vocals from front woman Holly Dodson, who is giving off a slight Stevie Nicks/Niki and the Dove vibe with this song, "Moonlight Desires" has us desiring, well, more. Check it out below:

Moonlight Desires

Visit Parallels online here and make sure to download the new single for free on their page!


  1. Are you suuuure this song wasn't recorded in the 80's? :P
    Just kidding! Thanks for the share! This song is tight.

  2. I know right!? Ha ha, I love the throwback sound, so I agree! xo