Wednesday, March 7, 2012

She's A 'Heartbreaker': New Lovefoxxx & Steve Aoki Video


Hot off the release of his long overdue sophomore effort, internationally famed DJ and electronic/house producer Steve Aoki is pumping out amazing single after single. Next up is the smooth synth-pop jam "Heartbreaker" featuring the vocals of Brazilian new-wave band CSS' lead singer Lovefoxxx.

"Won't you let me be your heartbreaker?" croons Brazil's Lovefoxxx in the retro electro track while skating around a roller disco in vintage skates as Aoki tends to patrons' skates. After flirting with male rollerskaters, indie-sultry Lovefoxxx literally makes their hearts break, exploding into colorful confetti! Check it out below:

Visit Steve Aoki online here for more on his album 'Wonderland.'

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