Saturday, March 3, 2012

'Bedroom' Blues: New Sky Ferreira Demo Surfaces


Pop princess-in-waiting Sky Ferreira, known for her envy-inducing mane and long overdue pop superstardom, suffered a bit of a musical leak the other night when a track called "Lost In My Bedroom" appeared online. Never one to take a blow, Ferreira let bygones be bygones and owned up to the track by brushing off the leak and uploading the demo herself to her official YouTube page.

While the track is, as per Sky's explanation on Twitter, an unfinished demo, it is rumored to be off her upcoming LP 'Wild At Heart,' and is the "most electro-pop [track] on the album." That being said, even in it's unfinished form, "Lost In My Bedroom" is a hazy electro dream-pop banger with gritty synths and dreamy, ghostly vocals. While we're sad that Sky seems to be drifting away from the electronic realm afrom what she's hinted at, we're excited for her more new-wave, dream-pop sound and if this demo is any indication, the new Sky sound will be just as infectious and dance-worthy as the old. Bring it on, Sky!

Check out the demo below:

Visit Sky Ferreira online here.

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