Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Super 'Smash': Zowie's New Video Is A Knock-Out


Petite and pretty as she may be, you'd better not fuck with New Zealand electro-rock princess Zowie. With her sparkling neo-punk duds, shiny jet black hair, and big doe eyes, Zowie is the kind of artist that draws you in with her sweet pop charade, just to chew you up, spit you back out, and leave you begging for more.

Case in point? Check out the new video (and latest single) from the synth-pop pixie called "Smash It." Watch as Zowie takes command of an empty, neon-bathed high-school and stomps around (in candy-colored Docs and glittery JC Litas, no less) with a baseball bat, claiming her turf. It's bratty, bossy, and a total ear-banger; just watch below to see for yourself!

Visit Zowie online here.

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