Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eye Candy & Ear Candy: Model, Style Icon Raquel Reed's Music Debut


Style icon, internet scene queen, and alternative model extraordinaire Raquel Reed, known for her bright blue hair, sexy candy-colored style, and rainbow-glam makeup, has just added pop-star to her impressive resume.

Just a few days ago, Reed transformed her official MySpace page into a MySpace Music page, uploading her first two songs "The Fast Lane" - her debut single - and "Key Largo."

The fun single, "The Fast Lane," features Reed cooing and singing about getting away from her hectic lifestyle over a thick, glamorous electro beat and dancefloor synths. The budding pop-star gets a bit more sultry on "Key Largo," which features a male singer as well, as she sings about taking a break from L.A. The songs features a very fun 80's new-wave/freestyle sound.

Though Raquel still has some more work to do, her singing voice is surprisingly very good, and the music is fun, beat-heavy, and quite catchy. Keep an eye - or ear - or both - on her in the future!

You can visit Raquel Reed on MySpace here and download her first two songs here on iTunes.

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