Friday, July 24, 2009

Pick Your Poison: Little Boots Premiers 'Remedy' Video


Little Boots, one of 2009's British leading ladies in electro/dance-pop, just released the whimsical, trippy new video for her latest dance-floor single, "Remedy," today on BBC online.

Enjoy the fantasy-disco and infectious beats of "Remedy" - sure to get stuck in your head - as well as the whimsy and smokey colors of the 80's new-wave styled video which feature the budding pop-starlet playing her keyboard sexily and in various dizzying positions via a really cool kaleidoscope effect.

Here it is, the perfect track for your weekend partying, below:

Make sure to check out adorable Little Boots, nicknamed for her tiny feet and who burst onto the electronica scene this year in a big way, on her MySpace here. You can also visit her official Web site here for more features and to visit the Web store. Just so you know, and much to my dismay, her debut LP, 'Hands,' which just dropped at the start of summer, was only released in the UK. So if you're international - American like me, perhaps? - you'll have to scour Ebay or Amazon and pay a hefty price to purchase it physically.

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  1. I found out about Little Boots a few months ago on carson daly and am very excited to see you covered her. She is so great and makes amazing catchy electro songs!