Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Horror Pop: Lady Gaga's 'Monster' Re-Release


Well, we wouldn't be an electronic blog without the occasional Lady Gaga post now would we? The pop super-star and fashionista, who recently achieved Top 40 history - she is the third artist ever to have three #1 hits on a debut album - is reportedly going to be re-releasing her aforementioned debut, 'The Fame,' this autumn.

The album is supposedly going to include a plethora of new material with a horror/sci-fi inspired twist. As of now, the re-release is said to be entitled 'The Fame: Monster.'

Below is a photo of the cover/album art mock-up that has been making its rounds on the Web. It may or may not be real though, so for now let's just consider it science-fiction.


In a recent interview, the unique pop star offered this explanation of her 'Monster,' and in true Gaga nature said:

"I have an obsession with death and sex. Those two things are also the nexus of horror films, which I’ve been obsessing over lately. I’ve been watching horror movies and 1950s science fiction movies. My re-release is called The Fame Monster so I’ve just been sort of bulimically eating and regurgitating monster movies and all things scary. I’ve just been noticing a resurgence of this idea of monster, of fantasy, but in a very real way. If you notice in those films, there’s always a juxtaposition of sex with death. That’s what makes it so scary. Body and mind are primed for orgasm and instead somebody gets killed. That’s the sort of sick, twisted psychological circumstances."

Details regarding the whole album are still sketchy - recent claims that the first single off the re-release would be a song called "New York" have been circulating and have been supposedly denied by Gaga. As of yet, no one knows much about what kind of material will actually be on this album.

Regardless, I'm going to take a shot in the dark here and wager that, for the most part, fans will be getting some old material, some new, and some killer remixes on 'The Fame: Monster.' Just a hunch!


  1. What do you think of this whole re-release trend? Rihanna did it with GGGB, now Gaga. It's sort of like a new album & a refurbished classic at the same time. What amazes me is that artists manage to have hits off of these re-releases.

  2. I think it's a pretty damn good and smart marketing ploy, ha ha. I can't complain, though - I so far have loved the re-releases by Rihanna and The Veronicas. Remixes, new songs, bonus material? Yes, please!

    I think it's also notable to mention that Britney Spears actually RECYCLED a song from her last album, 'Blackout,' for her new album. "Radar," it's called, and it's currently her latest chart-climbing single!