Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Guilty Pleasure: Cobra Starship's Shamelessly Fun New Video


Cobra Starship sure knows how to throw one hell of a dance party! The electro/alternative-pop group, whose forthcoming album Hot Mess is due out in August, have finally released the sexy, electrifying video for their first single off the LP, "Good Girls Go Bad."

Cobra Starship, most known for their day-glo style and fun party dance beats, enlisted the vocal assistance of Gossip Girl star (and thanks to a recently publicized/alleged sex tape, actual good girl gone bad) Leighton Meester for the single - whose sexy vocals were actually surprisingly good and well-fitted for the dance-pop song!


"Good Girls Gone Bad" is currently blowing up in the clubs and is poised to become a big summer radio hit this season. (Cobra Starship just might have hit mainstream gold with this album from what we've seen so far.) Check out the just-released video below to join in on the party - and you'll see that there's nothing actually bad about this song!

Check out Cobra Starship on MySpace here or on their official Web site here. Hot Mess is due out this August and will be available for pre-order in July. Check out actress and budding dance-pop singer Leighton Meester on MySpace here.

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