Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Space Case: Lights' Stellar Space-Princess Style


An across-the-forehead head-band, a tight and brightly colorful mini-dress, and shiny knee-grazing boots might seem more like the type of outfit Judy Jetson or sci-fi goddess Barbarella would wear. But for rising Canadian electro-pop star Lights, these wardrobe choices are merely everyday fashion staples!

Lights, who is poised to drop her highly anticipated full-length debut album The Listening this early fall, is known for her bright space-cadet style - a fashion choice which visually mimics her cool, shiny electro beats and synth-backed, celestial melodies.

Drawing inspiration from across the board - 80's new wave, sci-fi princesses, comic book heroes (namely Wonder Woman), 70's hippies, the internet scene-queen look - Lights' is an effortless fashionista who now has thousands of teenage girls (and boys) rocking the electro-space look with across-the-forehead head-bands at her concerts.

If you've been trying to get this hip, cute, futuristic look down, take a cue from Lights' wardrobe: lots of skinny-cut pants, tons of bright neon colors and black mixed together, space-theme jewelry, bright and tiny mini-dresses, shiny boots, winged-out black eyeliner and smokey eyes, and of course... lots of hippie head-bands! For inspiration, check out the pictures below.


Lights' style is, in the words of Judy Jetson herself, "totally inter-galactic!"

To check out Light's sweet synth-pop sounds and more photos, visit her MySpace here or her official page here! For unofficial news on Lights, updated nearly daily, as well as an extensive collection of photos, exclusive features, and much more check out the awesome Lights-approved fan-site Lights-Love.com!

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