Monday, June 29, 2009

Uncommon Reaction: Uh Huh Her's Mellow Electro-Pop


Not all electro-pop music is immensely bubbly, sexy, or beat-driven. In fact, some of the best electro-pop sounds come from more relaxed, mellow indie bands. If you're one of those people who don't need to be shaking your ass to enjoy a good electro tune, check out Uh Huh Her, the California-based indie-electro/synth-rock duo of Leisha and Camila.

These two girls, whose first album Common Reaction dropped last summer, still aren't entirely well-known, even if they do hang out with the likes of Katy Perry and have had their music featured on The Hills (MTV). Despite not being on a Rolling Stone cover just yet, Uh Huh Her boasts an assortment of Ladyhawke-like, mellow electro beats, romantic lyrics, and celestial, shimmery melodies that would honestly be a great addition to any synth-lover's iPod.

If you've yet to hear of them, head on over to their MySpace here and have yourself a listen. They haven't announced any new songs or albums just yet, but just because an album is almost year old doesn't mean it shouldn't be checked out! Visit their official Web site here.

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