Monday, June 22, 2009

The Sweetest 'Fuck You' You'll Ever Hear: Lily Allen's Latest Single


One of my favorite electro-pop albums this year came in the form of 'It's Not Me, It's You,' Lily Allen's explosively successful sophomore effort. The album is brilliantly perfect pop goodness with dance-worthy electro beats, adorable vocals, and witty lyrics to match. If you haven't checked this album out yet, do it now - seriously!

Anyway, one of the fan-favorites off the album, the aptly titled "Fuck You," is a Lily-sized kiss-off to all the jerks in the world - though the general idea is that it was written as a response to the Bush administration - set to a more electro-version of the chorus beat from Take That's "Shine."

As you can imagine, cute little Lily Allen cheerfully cooing "Fuck you... fuck you very, very much..." over a pleasantly up-beat electro track is just almost too awesome to compute. To make it even more awesome though, Lily has released "Fuck You" as her next international single, and just last week premiered the accompanying music video. The video is shot entirely from Lily's perspective. Don't get too excited, though. You won't be seeing much of Lily herself in the video as she's not really in it! (Her hands are, but since her real-life tattoos aren't even visible, there's debate that those hands even belong to Lily anyway.)

Either way, enjoy the trippy, funny, and thoughtful - yet somewhat completely irrelevant - newly released music video for Lily Allen's adorably bitchy "Fuck You" below! Please to enjoy.

Visit Lily Allen's official Web site here!

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