Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to the 90's: Aqua Finally Reemerges


No Doubt. Blink 182. Green Day. These names just graze the tiny tip of a gigantic iceberg floating in a sea of 90's bands back with a vengeance - or reunion - this 2009! It seems like this is the year for grunge and punk-rock to make its way back onto the air-waves... But what about our beloved, cheesy 90's techno-pop bands who gave us party song staples like "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" or "We Like to Party?"

Fear not, little electrocuties. The reigning masters of colorful, shamelessly fun, corny 90's dance-pop are back! Behold: Aqua's brand-spankin'-new, neon and day-glow filled, 80's tribute of a single, "Back to the 80's" music video!

It's cheesy. It's tacky. Its neon strobes are seizure-inducing and its 80's theme is overused now. But it's just so gosh darn fun, that we can't help but love it anyway!

The Danish/Norwegian pop band, which is most famous for its hit single "Barbie Girl," has been a staple in dance clubs, kid's parties, and DDR arcade games for years. The video for "Back to the 80's," which dropped on June 10th, ushers in Aqua's first single released in over 9 years. The newly release single - which is already climbing the charts steadily in Europe, is intended to coincide with the release of Aqua's upcoming 'Greatest Hits' album.

This reunion is long-overdue. And though Aqua might be back to the 80's... with this fun new single, they're making me want to go back to the 90's!

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