Wednesday, July 25, 2012

'Laura': Brand New Bat For Lashes Video, Album Artwork


British dream-pop sorceress Bat For Lashes is finally back with new music. This week Natasha Khan released her new video for the first track off her upcoming album, 'The Haunted Man,' due for release this October. On the cover of the album, the gypsy goddess poses nude with a man strewn about her shoulders like a luxurious fur.


The track, "Laura," is a sweeping piano ballad that is as haunting as the melancholy, chills-inducing video accompanying it. In the video we find Natasha floating about a theater stage in all her vintage-frocked loveliness along with a somber drag queen. And while it's not a groundbreaking clip by any indie means, it is quite beautiful. Take a look:


 Visit Bat For Lashes online here.

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