Thursday, March 15, 2012

'Zero Gravity': New Kerli Single Drops


Estonian bubble-goth princess Kerli is ready to take you on an odyssey in her just-dropped, celestial new single "Zero Gravity." With soaring synths, surging electronica, and throbbing beats, "Zero Gravity" is a big, addictive pop track with a euphoric message, glacial vocals, and the kind of powerful, uplifting electro that will have you feeling weightless.

Kerli has definitely come a long way since her 2008 pop-rock oriented release 'Love Is Dead.' Following the electronic leanings of her buzz single "Army of Love," there's a hint of new-age influence in the new song, as well as pulsating 90's techno and industrial rave. And near the end of the track, there is a massive, chills-inducing breakdown of crashing synths and distorted vocals that can only be described as something you might thrash to at a neon-bathed rave in Tokyo... or on the moon.

Hold on to your moon boots and take a listen below:

Zero Gravity - Kerli

Visit Kerli online here and stay tuned for our exclusive interview with the bubble-goth artist soon.


  1. Oh wow! You know me and I am not a big electro-pop person, but this has me hooked! I love it! This girl's voice is incredible!

  2. It's so good, right!? Check out more of her stuff... Her older album is more rock-ish and darker, so you might like that too. Also, definitely check out my interview with her! (Right above this post. xo) <3