Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Up Up And Away: Ethereal New Kerli Music Video


Much like her much-hyped (and rightly so) new single "Zero Gravity," bubble-goth princess Kerli's new music video for the throbbing techno-pop single is airy, big, and soaring. In the video (which I can only describe as part Katy Perry's E.T., part 2000's sci-fi film The Cell, part late 90's cyber-punk rave, and all Kerli) finds our electro-pop muse incubating in a chrysalis before being set free by her mythical sylph friends. Some gorgeous floating ensues, complete with white puffy clouds and flowing fabrics and some serious raver-couture. It's all very ethereal-industrial, much like the track itself. Check it out below:

Visit Kerli on the web here!

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