Monday, January 16, 2012

'Dancing Shoes': Sweet New Dev Video


Californian electro-rap cutie Dev, whose debut album 'The Night The Sun Came Up' is scheduled to hit the USA like a ton of polished pop bricks on March 27, recently dropped the super sweet (we're talking saccharine here, folks) video for her new single "Dancing Shoes."

The twinkling electro-pop track starts off with Dev primping in a dressing room behind a stage, and we cut back and forth between her and a cute, chubby guy in a rainbow tutu similarly getting ready. Soon Dev slides into her seat in the audience and the male dancer takes the stage with some unique dance moves, much to the ill-intentioned amusement of the judgemental audience. Suddenly, as the dancer is about to fall victim to a prank from one of the audience members, the empathetic (and gorgeous, might I add) Dev jumps up to the rescue. The result is a simple, poignant, and sweet no-frills video.

Check it out below:

Visit Dev online here.


  1. Just can't get into Dev at all!

  2. That's okay! Besides, you never know what may happen when her album drops. :) I swear, I could NOT get into Katy B for the longest time, and then suddenly... Poof! I started really digging it and now consider her a fave for sure.

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