Tuesday, April 12, 2011

All Hail The Queen: Discover Dance-Pop Duo She's The Queen


She's The Queen is the electro-pop dance project of NYC/Philadelphia based duo Emily and Drew. The group creates shiny, epic dancefloor-pop with swirling synths, pulsating beats, and just a tasteful pinch of 80's dance and 90's house that makes for a unique twist to their modern electro. Featuring the powerful diva-worthy vocals of singer Emily layered over Drew's pristine, catchy production, She's The Queen craft seriously upbeat dance anthems that beckon to the dancefloor.

Check out their new single, the twinkly, uplifting "Waiting Game," below:

Waiting Game - She's The Queen

Today the band dropped their debut self-titled EP, featuring four deliciously brand new electro-pop tracks, including their latest hit single "Waiting Game" as well as three other songs: "Slipping From View," "Plead To The DJ," and "Finish Line." Shiny and positive, their new EP is a must for all modern dance-pop fans, and you can purchase the it on iTunes now!

Visit She's The Queen online here.

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