Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wowie Zowie: Electro Artist Zowie Is Wowing New Fans


New Zealand electro-punk artist Zowie is having a moment: Currently, the explosively mysterious, mysteriously explosive teaser for the video for her upcoming song, "Love Demolition," is blowing up all over, prompting people to ask, "Who is Zowie?"

Though there's not that much information available on the suddenly lime-lighted electronic singer, we do know a few things, like the fact that she's opened for Peaches, she's 22 years young, and she crafts some killer darkwave synth-pop complete with a great, edgy pop sensibility and some seriously supersonic glitchy 80's beats.

Case in point: Check out the teaser for "Love Demolition" below, and be sure to keep an ear and an eye on this fabulous new artist. There's surely great things to come!

Visit Zowie on MySpace here to hear more.

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