Monday, August 3, 2009

Talk To Animals: Discover Some Seriously Sweet Sounds


Meet Texas native Aimee - she's the multi-talented girl behind the experimental electro-pop act known as Talk To Animals. Since 2007, Talk To Animals - a solo side-project of Aimee, as she is also a member of electro-rap group 1-800-ZOMBIE - has been churning out some super addicting, upbeat chip-pop tunes on her MySpace page.

Talk To Animals' music features influences that include indie-pop, electro, thrash, 8-bit, and chip-tune, making for some seriously happy, bright, and dance-y songs that'll definitely get stuck in your head for hours. Plus, she's crazy cute!

Visit Talk To Animals on MySpace here to take a listen!

**Note: A few pieces of information were edited a few hours after being initially posted as it was brought to my attention that a few things were incorrect. Aimee is from Texas, not Baltimore, and Talk To Animals has been going on since 2007, not 2005. Sorry for the mess up!

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