Friday, August 7, 2009

The Last Unicorn: Unicorn Kid's 'Wee' Techno-Pop Single


You may not ever live to see a unicorn. But if you have ever wondered what a unicorn might sound like, well, apparently the fantastical beast would sound like electro! Unicorn Kid, whose real name is Oliver Sabin, is a 17 year old boy from Scotland who creates perfectly blended, colorful electro-pop tunes.

Recently he released his newest single, "Wee Monsters," on iTunes and in CD format. If you're looking for perfectly happy, upbeat techno-pop that'll get you dancing - or at least bobbing your head while you drive - download this now! It's sunny, adorable, and chock full o' sweet synths and pulsating techno beats. Magical horn, unfortunately, not included.

Check out the adorable Unicorn Kid on MySpace here. You can purchase the new single on iTunes by clicking here.

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