Monday, June 8, 2009

Peaches and 'Cream': Peaches Album Review


She's a sexually ground-breaking, international electro-punk goddess known for her movie soundtrack-friendly tracks and dance-floor stompers... and she's back with her fifth and highest U.S. charting album to date. Her name is Peaches and in May '09 she dropped her most personal and dance-worthy LP yet titled 'I Feel Cream.'

Produced primarily by James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco, as well as Soulwax and Digitalism, 'I Feel Cream' is complete dance-punk ear candy from start to finish.

The album kicks off with stomping electronic beats in "Serpentine," where Peaches raps and claims, "I don't give a fuck if you fall for me/ I don't give a fuck if you're following me." The track is pretty much a thorough - albeit blunt - introduction for new listeners to get acquainted with the Queen of Electro herself. Next comes the explosively glam-rock, synthed-up single, "Talk to Me," where our singer laments, "What made you so bitter inside?/ Why don't you talk to me?/ Why don't you talk to me?/ Because I'm standing here, I got an open ear!" Very relatable!

"Lose You" is a slightly bitter-sweet plea to a lover/friend about losing touch with them. The track is very 80's synth-pop and quite mellow, yet is backed by the same heavy dance-beat that resonates throughout the club-ready album. (I recommend checking out the music video!) Speaking of the clubs, "More" is probably the most club-worthy track on the album, and though it's fun with its zooming synths and beats, after a while it gets a bit repetitive.

"Billionaire" and "I Feel Cream" are my favorite two tracks off the album. "Billionaire" is the most sexual and fun track on the album, where Peaches lets loose and raps like she's really enjoying it, spitting brilliant lines like "Big trouble in little mangina..." and sings "I'll fuck ya like a billionaire!" But it's "I Feel Cream" that is the most radio-friendly song on the album - and is totally perfect for any dance floor with its sexy techno beats and gorgeous vocals.

"Trick or Treat" is a little forgettable at best, which is possibly why it's the shortest track on the album at only 2:14 minutes. However, "Show Stopper" is a dance-punk stomper with explosive electro beats backing up sexually-charged lyrics. It's not incredibly socially important or even personal, but it's fun and probably one of the coolest songs on 'I Feel Cream.' I can't wait for remixes for this one!

"Mommy Complex" is probably one of the stranger songs on the album, as I'm still a little unclear on whether the song is meant to be ironic or actually fetishize motherhood. "Mud" is another one of the more mellow songs, with swirling synths and electronic bleeps, and brilliant lyrics about judgment and media scrutiny like "Champagne, damn shame/ What you gonna do when they drag your name?" My favorite part during the song is the bridge towards the end of the song where the music begins to climb into a climatic, pumping beat, right before fading out.

Next comes another electro-rap on "Relax," the most hip-hop track off 'I Feel Cream.' It's another song that easily loses the listener at times, but Peaches grabs your attention back every now and then on the track with gender-bending lyrics: "I'm a one-woman man." The album ends slowly with "Take You On," an unfortunately vocally-annoying track that I can't help but skip when it comes up on my play-list. The beat is actually quite cool, but the lyrics and vocals on this one are just way too repetitive for my taste. I think a good remix might do it some good though!

Overall, Peaches' 'I Feel Cream' is definitely one of the 2009 CDs that you should not let go unnoticed or not listened to! It's a brilliantly fun, dance-ready album with booming electro-punk beats and witty, sexy lyrics. Gender-bending Peaches is without a doubt the reigning queen of dance-punk, and 'I Feel Cream' has a lot to offer when it comes to perfect party dance tracks, club hits, and just plain old good electro music.

Rating: 8/10

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