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Gypsy Warrior: An Interview With Neon Hitch


All that glitters is gold when it comes to Neon Hitch, the gypsy pop princess that's currently all over the radio with her collaboration with Gym Class Heroes. Neon has just recently released her latest single, the shimmery feel-good pop track "Gold," and is also priming for her debut album release. 

I was able to catch up with the adorable redheaded dance diva for a chat about working with Gym Class Heroes, her love for the gay community, and her shiny new single!

E: Hi Neon! How are you?

N: I’m great, thank you. How are you?

E: I’m good! Well, I have to talk about “Ass Back Home” - the massive smash from Gym Glass Heroes that features your voice. It’s on the radio all the time, and you guys have been performing it together on TV… Tell me, what’s it like hearing yourself on the radio on this amazing track?

N: It never gets old! [Laughs.] It’s always an amazing experience every time I hear it. Like, I get goose-bumps - it’s so exciting!

E: And it’s such a great track, too. The hook is so addictive and catchy and definitely one of the biggest ones this year.

N: Thank you so much!

E: You’re welcome. So how did you get involved with the track?

N: Well, Benny Blanco and I are quite close and we work together. He’s producing my whole album ‘Beg Borrow and Steal.' And he was actually producing a track for Gym Class Heroes. He just thought I sounded great and he was like, “Hey, you wanna come by and try this out?” So I went over and we worked together - it was super quick. Travie just loved how it sounded and so it all just came together really quickly.

E: It’s amazing how well the single has done. You must be so thrilled since it’s probably opened you up to so many new fans. Do you feel like that’s has that been the case?

N: Yeah! I mean, it's really opened a lot of doors. I’ve got to travel with Gym Class Heroes and that was amazing. We've performed in so many crazy venues! I’m just really grateful ‘cause it’s really helped me out!

E: Well, your latest single "Love You Betta" has also become quite the radio staple. Can you tell us about that track? 

N: It’s very raunchy! {Laughs.] I just have to express myself, you know? I had a breakup with a boyfriend who really broke my heart, and then he decided to go date supermodels...

E: Ugh!

N: Tell me about it! I had to write a song about it, really. So I wrote that song on the bed. It’s like... music is all about expressing yourself. We're just getting ready to release my new single "Gold" that I cowrote with Bruno Mars and I’m very excited about this one.

E: What can you tell us about “Gold?”

N: It’s a beautiful love song. Tyga is actually featured on it, and it’s produced by Benny Blanco.

E: I’m sure an amazing music video will come eventually, too.

N: Yeah, I’m actually sketching visual ideas out right now. I’m coming up with some pretty interesting stuff! [Laughs.]


E: I can only imagine! I know your video for "Love You Betta" is very, very steamy…

N: That was the aim of that video. [Laughs.] Now I’m moving on to bigger and better things! Leaving the heartbreak in the past. That’s kind of what "Gold" is all about. I’ve been in the dark for so long and finally someone comes along and they just shine that gold... The most beautiful light in your life! That’s really what the song is all about.

E: You know, I wanted to ask you about your openness with sensuality. From your live shows to your outfits to your lyrics, you seem to be very much about embracing your sensuality and exploring the primal side of being a strong, independent woman. Do you ever feel self conscious at all?

N: I mean, I’m human. I have days where I feel insecure and doubt myself. But generally I love to express myself and I love being a woman and I love being sensual. I like to express my emotions. Even through what I’m wearing! I feel more comfortable when I’m dressed crazy.

E: You're style is amazing! It seems like you’re very inspired by your incredible, unique upbringing living in a caravan, and all your eclectic world travels...

N: Oh yeah, my upbringing definitely has a big influence on the things that I wear. Growing up in a van, traveling the world... My mum’s an artist, too, so that’s really influenced the things I wear as well.

E: Well, lately you've been touring a lot and doing a lot shows. And you traveled a lot in your youth, of course. Do you feel at home on the road?

N: Yeah, it’s really strange actually. I’m at home in New York right now and it’s a very bizarre feeling because I’m so used to having to keep moving. I've spent my whole life on the move! But I’m very comfortable traveling and I really feel at home on the road.

E: You’ve done a lot of shows and events at gay clubs and pride events, too. Is the gay community quite near and dear to your heart?

N: You know, it just feels right. When I do a show for the gay community, it’s always a blast! We always have an amazing time. I feel like in that world I’m accepted and we all just understand each other. It’s not about judging each other.

E: There's an amazing energy from that crowd. Coupled with the power of your performance, it’s very uplifting!

N: Yes, it’s a beautiful thing!

E: So anyway, your debut album 'Beg Borrow and Steal' has been a long time coming, but what stage is the album in now?

N: Well, right now I'm focusing on "Gold." I'm releasing the single and late fall I will release the album. But you know, the album just keeps getting better and better. I keep making new songs to add to the album, so it's really a thing of perfection.

E: You’ll know when it feels complete. You’ll get that sense of "This is it, it’s finished, I'm ready to go!"

N: Absolutely!

E: Well, Neon, thank you so much. I cant wait to hear what comes next!

N: Thank you very much. And look out for "Gold!"

Thank you to the lovely Neon Hitch, her management, and Andrew at Warner Bros. Records for arranging the interview. Keep an eye out for 'Beg Borrow and Steal' this year and pick up "Gold," out now on iTunes! Visit Neon Hitch on the web here.

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