Tuesday, June 5, 2012

'Stilettos': Exclusive Emii Remix Premiere


Sultry pop siren Emii, whose late 2011 smash "Stilettos" took the traditional love song to whole new heights - "Stilettos" is about "a girl, a boy, and her shoes" - is known for her sexy brand of carefree four-on-the-floor electro-pop.

The stunning LA-based dance diva's ode to her heels has resonated in clubs and at parties around the globe, and now the throbbing single has been given the remix treatment, compliments of Monikkr. With a wobbling dubstep breakdown and surging synths, the exclusive Monikkr remix takes Emii's "Stilettos" and has given it a dark new club-ready spin.

Take a listen to the exclusive "Stilettos (Monikkr Remix)" below. But first... Put your stilettos on and dance!

 Emii - Stilettos (Monikkr Remix)

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  1. Emii is the best! Can't wait for more.