Monday, May 28, 2012

Take Over Control: An Interview With Eva Simons


A few weeks ago, I was invited to catch up with Eva Simons in NYC for a quick chat before her show at XL Nightclub and Lounge. And if you think you've never heard of Eva Simons, think again, because you've definitely heard her. The incredibly sweet and fun Dutch dance diva is featured on the infectious Billboard Hot 100 Afrojack track "Take Over Control," which has literally (and ironically) taken over the airwaves.

But Eva Simons isn't just a feature creature - she's a full-fledged pop star in her own right, with a hot electro-pop single out now called "I Don't Like You," along with a killer video (featuring a super cute dog... what more else is there?). The gorgeous pop artist, known for her massive signature mohawk and edgy style, and I chatted about all things Eva, including her musical mother, brand new video, touring around the globe, and much more! Check it out:


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