Monday, May 14, 2012

Spice Girl: An Interview With Cinnamon Girl


Cinnamon Girl is spicing things up! We've been super excited about the electro-pop up-and-comer ever since discovering her music... And now we're even more excited because the lovely UK-based artist was sweet enough to answer a few questions for Electrocutie! Find out what Camilla had to say about her inspirations, personal style, what the future holds, and more, below: 

First off, congratulations on all the amazing buzz and love you’ve been receiving lately! How does it make you feel that you already have fans and people cheering you on? 

Thanks! The fact that somebody I’ve never met will take the time to write me a message just to say nice things to me, blows my mind. They all rock my world.

You recently received a pretty big shout out on Popjustice, a fantastic accomplishment. How does that feel? 

It feels great. It makes my face smiley.

When did the reign of Cinnamon Girl officially begin? (Aka: When did you start making music as Cinnamon Girl?) 

I actually came up with the name a couple of years ago but didn’t do anything with it for a long time. I was still playing in bands then and I knew I needed to save up a big chunk of money to get the equipment I needed to do it right. I wrote and recorded Friends as the very first finished song in November 2011, so the project is literally 6 months old.

You grew up in Denmark but moved to the UK. How has London influenced, if at all, your sound or music career? 

I have no idea if it has. I think it’s hard for you to tell which elements of your surroundings end up becoming an influence. That I’m now a fluent English speaker has probably improved my lyrics quite drastically!

What inspires your sound and lyrics? 

Shiny Pop, New Wave, Grunge, 80’s electro, and my weird mind. Basically everything.

How do your songs come about? What’s the creative process like for you? 

It’s always music or melodies first, lyrics later. I alternate between writing on the guitar and writing on the synth. I usually start recording stuff very early on in the writing process too, as the sound and production is such a big part of it for me.

You both write and produce your music, which is quite impressive. Do you feel this allows you more freedom in what, how, and when you create? Would you ever collaborate or is there someone you might like to collaborate with? 

Yes, definitely. I can disappear into my little writing zone whenever I want and I can replicate almost exactly what I hear in my head from beginning to end. It gives you an immense sense of creative freedom. I just want to keep improving. I’m still learning all the time. In terms of collaboration I’d never rule anything out, but I’m yet to meet someone I’d like to work with.

Everyone seems to love your super cute sense of style, too! (Myself included, of course.) What are your fashion inspirations? 

Thanks! I have no idea what inspires that. I just have fun with it and try not to take it too seriously. I definitely have an interest in fashion and enjoy playing around with it.

As far as music videos go, do you have any plans? 

I’m shooting a video in four weeks time for a brand new song called Devil In Me. I’m pretty excited about it, because I really enjoyed writing that song. I hope people will like it.

Do you have any shows planned and, if not, how would you like to see yourself touring or playing gigs in the future? 

No shows yet, but I am starting to plan that phase. It’s gonna be completely live with a great band. I can’t wait to get out there and do it.

Describe your music or yourself in three words: 

The music: Wild, shimmery, Robo-pop.

If there is one thing people need to know about Cinnamon Girl, it is:

She’s not very good at doing interviews!

Well, while we have to disagree with that last answer, we'd like to say thank you to Cinnamon Girl for chatting with us, as well as to Ben at Theo PR! Stay tuned for more information, news, and updates on Cinnamon Girl and her music. Visit Cinnamon Girl online here.

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