Monday, March 12, 2012

Missbehave: Marina and the Diamonds Drop 'Primadonna' Video


It's Valley of the Dolls meets Meryl Street's diva housewife from the '89 film 'She Devil' in the new, literally just released Marina and the Diamonds video for her new flawless single "Primadonna." And it is even more perfect than a Stepford Wife!

Amidst the twinkling synths, surging electro, and melodic chorus of the epic electro-pop track, "Primadonna" is a fantasy world of crystal chandeliers, pastel princess decor, and more twirling than a merry-go-round. Our pretty-in-pink diva rolls around on her massive, fluffy bed, pouting and batting her doe-eyed lashes for a "big diamond ring," before prancing about the luxury of her mansion. She can't help that she needs it all!

If this is a proper precursor to what 'Electra Heart' has to offer, then count me wrapped around her finger, babe. Check out the video below:

Visit Marina and the Diamonds online here.

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