Monday, February 20, 2012

'I'll Never Know' & 'Valentine': New Charli XCX Tracks


London electro-goth artist Charli XCX was feeling the love for her fans this past Valentine's Day when she dropped exclusive download track (and aptly named) "Valentine" on February 14th. Unfortunately, the track was taken down the next day, but you can still find a download or two floating around online if you love what you hear. Check out the whimsical, lovelorn synth-pop track about an awkward crush below:

Charli XCX - Valentine

How on the sonic heels of "Valentine," another new track called "I'll Never Know," which was recorded in the Red Bull Studios for the Catwalk Studio Project during fashion week, debuted today. The recorded track is a quirky, rushing explosion of tropical maraca shakes and bubbling synths that result in a uniquely infectious, jungle-electro-pop track. Take a listen:

Charli XCX - I'll Never Know

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