Monday, January 2, 2012

The Luminary Ones: Discover Rebecca & Fiona


If sweet Swedish electro-pop tickles your aural tastebuds (and that includes, like, literally everyone), then you're going to love what DJ duo Rebecca and Fiona are serving up. Frosty synths and throbbing dancefloor beats are just part of the recipe that make up the girls' delicious synth stylings, and their cool, echoing vocals serve as the frosting on top.

The dance duo recently dropped their new album, 'I Love You Man,' in Sweden, and the record is chock full of gooey, twinkly dancefloor electronica. But if you want a little taste test before the main course, check out their hyper-colorful new video for lead single "Jane Doe," below:

Amidst what seems like a 90's rave dollhouse, Rebecca and Fiona repeat their daily cycle over and over again until their whole situation deteriorates into utter chaos. It's an addictive, throbbing club jam with an equally addictive video.

Stay tuned for more on this dance-pop duo! In the meanwhile, visit Rebecca and Fiona online here.

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