Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fall Into The 'Twilight': New Track From UVS & Ferras


Hyper-pop group Ultraviolet Sound recently teamed up with LA-based urban pop singer-songwriter Ferras on a new track called "Twilight." The freshly dropped song is a gorgeous electro-ballad featuring smooth, sweeping synths and beats that cushion UVS vocalist Sarah Hudson's emotional vocals, as well as Ferras' smooth urban crooning. The track is very reminiscent of an early-to-mid 90's club-pop ballad, and the chemistry between the two singers' voices is undeniable, just like the track itself. Take a listen below:

Ultraviolet Sound & Ferras - Twilight

Visit UVS online here and Ferras online here. You can currently download "Twilight" off the UVS Soundcloud page.

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