Monday, May 16, 2011

Bare Bones: The Good Natured Release New 'Skeleton' Video


London-based electro goth-pop band The Good Natured recently dropped the music video for their infectious, new-wave inspired single "Skeleton." The new song is a bone-raw yet polished, passionate synth-rock track that explores the emotions, passions, and vulnerable exposure that go hand in hand with love, lust, and letting go.

The sensual, fashionable video finds lead singer Sarah writhing and serenading with a raw, vulnerable sexuality and urgency to her vocals that is expressed, in parallel, both in the brilliant visuals of the video as well as the lyrics of the song. There is an unmistakable power to the song in a lyrical and vocal sense, which plays just as frantic and frenzied as the synths and melodies of the track itself.

Check it out below:

"Skeleton" is off the new 'Skeleton EP,' due out June 20th (UK). Visit The Good Natured on MySpace here.

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