Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Like, 'As If!': Tubular New Sky Ferreira EP


Sassy synth-pop siren Sky Ferreira has just released her highly-anticipated debut EP today, brattily entitled 'As If!' And just as you can imagine, the EP is totally fun and totally worth the wait!

Chock full o' quirky electro-pop club bangers, sweeping youthful synth-ballads, and beepy, blippy 80's pop beats, 'As If!' shows the many sides of Sky, as well as her impressive vocal and emotional range.

Ranging from naughty, fun, upbeat dance-pop revolving around the joys of sex ("Sex Rules"), to uber cool blippy electro lampooning gossip-mongers and behind-you-back haters ("Haters Anonymous"), to Kylie-influenced fuck-you disco ("99 Tears"), each track is personal and relatable all at once. There's definitely something for everyone, especially if you prefer your electro-pop with a healthy dose of teenage attitude.


You can purchased 'As If!' on iTunes now. Visit Sky Ferreria online here.

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  1. Have you heard the Sky Ferreria remix by Cosmic Sands?