Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Fairytale Ending: Marina & The Diamonds 'Shampain' Video


Gorgeous Greek-Welsh electro-pop sensation Marina & the Diamonds (just one girl, not a band) has been an obsession of Electrocutie for quite a while, and for good reason! The young artist recently exploded onto the music scene with a killer debut album, 'The Family Jewels,' chock full of artsy new-wave pop songs and swirly ballads that showcase the singer's lyrical poetry and unique vocals. Ranging from indie-pop sing-a-longs to bubblegum punk to synthy electro, Marina's 'The Family Jewels' contains a sampler of delicious pop in all different recipes.

One of the more dancey songs off the record and the latest single is "Shampain," a bubbly - pun intended - electro track that goes heavy on the synths and light on the seriousness. An ode to the less-than-stellar side of drinking, the campy new video features a dazed Marina stumbling through a graveyard of bad nights and bad decisions alongside some Thriller-era hot-mess zombiettes. Check it out below!

Be sure to pick up a copy of 'The Family Jewels' out now and visit Marina and the Diamonds on MySpace here.

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