Friday, July 2, 2010

'One' More Time: Sky Ferreira Debuts New Single, Video


Sky Ferreira, who is about to turn 18, is poised to be one of the music industry's fastest rising stars. With her stunning, youthful beauty, gorgeous vocals, and innate talent for making some highly infectious electro-pop, you can be sure to hear more of her soon - especially in your own iPod!

Here is Sky's mesmerizing, just-released-today video for her newest song, the heavenly synth-pop single, "One." Also, don't forget to check out her other recent single, "17, while you're at it!" (Maybe she has a thing for numbers?)

Keep an ear out for this one, folks. Check out little miss Sky on MySpace here or Buzznet here.


  1. I like "17" better!
    The song over Dre's beat is pretty sweet too.

  2. I like "One" better to be honest, but either way I love where she is going with this! :)