Friday, July 16, 2010

The MC With 'ADD': Hot New Uffie Video


Hot off her finally released, long-awaited debut album, 'Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans,' here is "ADD SUV," Uffie's dancefloor-ready, bass-thumping single. Featuring Uffie's cool robotic vocals set over a heavy, retro bass and slow-jamming, urban synths, it might not be a club-banger - we'll save that for the remixes a-plenty - but it is perfect for nodding and grooving to when in your car. Go figure.

Check out the equaly car-centric video below, featuring the amazing Pharrell Williams.

Be sure to purchase Uffie's debut album 'Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans' on Amazon now and visit her on MySpace, too! It's a great album full of hot dance tracks, cool synth-pop, and fiesty electro-rap.


  1. is that chorus in another language? i can't understand a word she's singing hahah

  2. Ha ha, it's just super fast! I love it! Her whole album is actually really good. I recommend it. :)