Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Real Gem: Heartsrevolution's Sparkling New Venture


Dance-punk band Heartsrevolution recently launched a shimmering new marketing adventure where they have teamed up with Swarovski Crystallized in order to cover their New York Heartschallenger ice cream/goodies truck with thousands of sparkling crystals. When completed, the Heartschallenger truck will be the first and only fully "Crystallized" ice cream truck in the world.

The start of a new adventure from HEARTSREVOLUTION on Vimeo.

In addition, the band has launched a new social networking campaign as well, urging fans across the web to "join the revolution" and the Heartschallenger Army by becoming a heartschallenger. On the band's recently revamped (and stunning, might I add) new Web site,, you can now sign up for the team and create your own Heartschallenger ID card to upload onto your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blog, etc.

Also included on the new site are new wallpapers, street team goodies, and a free downloadable ring-tone of the Heartschallenger truck theme song. (Yes, I have downloaded it. Yes, it is adorable. Yes, it makes me want ice cream when my phone rings.)

Another added bonus? The brand new, totally adorable Little-Golden-Books-style "about" page for the band, so check that out too!

Heartsrevolution is currently in the studio finishing up work on their debut album, 'Ride or Die.' Check them out on MySpace here.

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