Thursday, December 3, 2009

'Who Knows What love Is?': Strawberry Switchblade Does


Here at Electrocutie, we like to put a big pink spotlight on the newest and brightest up-and-coming or current electro, new-wave, and synth-pop talents. Sometimes, however, you just have to appreciate the great music from the past!

In which case, meet Strawberry Switchblade, one of the coolest and visually intriguing new-wave bands from the 80's. Bananarama meets Siouxsie & the Banshees in their dreamy synth-pop new-wave songs. Though usually referred to as a one-hit wonder of the 80's, the sweet, gauzy music of this unfortunately short-lived girl group is far more enduring then their short career together.

Check out their video for "Since Yesterday," one of their biggest hits, below - circa 1985.

They've long disbanded, but you can still look them up on Youtube and buy their albums on Amazon here!

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