Friday, October 16, 2009

'Sucia' Gets A Little Dirty: J'aime & I's New Song


Explosive NYC-based visual dance-punk band J'aime & I have recently just unleashed a re-mastered version of "Sucia" - one of my favorite songs ever and means "dirty" in Spanish - on their official MySpace page!

The delicious, energetic track opens with an edgy new-wave guitar riff and some sweet little synths, leading up to lead singer Janice Jaime's powerful, pouty baby-doll vocals positioned over swirling power-pop guitar rhythms and an instantly catchy sugar-and-spice melody. Addicting, adorable, and clever, "Sucia" is one of those yummy dance songs that gets stuck in your brain like a sticky and sweet melted hard candy - you can't get it out but you don't want to anyway!

Get addicted at J'aime and I's MySpace page here! You can get "Sucia" off of the band's upcoming 'Inexperienced Youth' EP, out soon.

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