Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Heart Japan: Heartsrevolution's New EP


Heartsrevolution, one of the most revolutionary bands in electro/punk, has just released a stellar new EP! The Heartsrevolution "Hearts Japan" EP contains 10 incredible tracks, 5 of which are remixes of the hit club banger "Dance 'Til Dawn," which has also been featured on the CW's Gossip Girl. All of the remixes are by some of Japan's top club producers/DJs - hence the Japanese theme to the EP.


The tracklist is as follows:
Dance 'Til Dawn
Dance 'Til Dawn 80Kidz Remix
Dance 'Til Dawn Dex Pistols Remix (Un)
Dance 'Til Dawn Dex Pistols Remix (Deux)
Dance 'Til Dawn Amwe Remix
Prism Effect (ft. Cory Kennedy)
Digital Suicide Lullaby
Last Track

You can purchase the new EP in CD format on Kistune Shop Online (France) here. Visit Heartsrevolution on MySpace here or on the Web here.

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