Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hello Drama: Girly Electro Pop-Rockers Nylon Pink


As their band name would suggest, Nylon Pink is one of the most girly-looking groups around. Often clad in things like rhinestones, Hello Kitty accessories, bright lipstick, fishnets, and tight light acid wash mini skirts, the girls (and boy) of this California-based electro pop-rock band would seem like the real life version of Jem and the Holograms.

But don't consider them too girly: Nylon Pink has a brand of music all their own, and though titles like "Lipstick" and "Hello Drama" might seem like fluffy topics - okay, well, they are! - each of their songs has an edge. This edge probably comes from the unique blend of bubblegum pop-rock and electro-trash club music that the group has adopted and owns during live performances.

The MTV featured and MySpace-grown band was formed in 2007. The whole band now consists of model Kaila Yu (vocals), Kitt.E.Katt (bass), Jonathan Cathey (drums), Samuel Bluck (guitar), and DJ Shy on turntables. The lead vocalist, Kaila, is no stranger to the MySpace generation - she happens to be one of the top MySpace "celebrities," with millions of views to her personal page and countless friends.

This clever type of internet marketing ploy doesn't end at social networking via MySpace though - the band also has a jewelry brand called "Hello Drama," taken from their most famous single, which has already been featured on other celebrities and on TV.

Nylon Pink might primarily be a group of girls (if you count out the drummer), but don't call them a girl group. They are a band in every sense of the word, playing their own instruments and writing their own material. If you're looking for some fun music to listen to, as well as some seriously cute eye candy - think Harajuku girl meets Valley girl - check them out!

You can visit Nylon Pink on MySpace here. Visit their jewelry line, "Hello Drama, " on the Web here.

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